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The journey to build a thousands apps begins

In addition to doing startup companies and contracting, I've always had some shareware or apps in some store somewhere.  Doing these projects allowed me to evaluate different emerging technologies and taught me a lot about how to write software that people wanted as well as giving me a start into business.  The first projects I did were called AOFWin for Gas Well Testing and IPRWin for Inflow Performance Relationship for Oil Wells.  I wrote these to test out a new operating system called Windows from Microsoft and ended up selling copies to petroleum companies around the world.  Later I wrote TimeWin which was a Billable Time Tracking and Invoicing app to test another new product called Visual Basic.  TimeWin went on to win an 'Editions Choice' award and again enjoyed world wide sales and since then I've written other apps as Shareware like Link Logger (wanted to test Borland's Delphi) or Store Apps like Web Peekaboo (Windows Mobile).  I would highly recommend to anyone to try writing and selling apps as its a great way to learn about writing software, business and customers and its a great way to make an independent income (you might not get rich, but you will have fun and learn lots).

I have a number of app ideas that I intend to bring to life using Microsoft's UWP (Universal Windows Platform) technology. UWP allows me to write apps that adapt to the hardware platform they are running on which means a single code base for an app could run on multiple hardware platforms, from a Desktop to a HoloLens and beyond.  This is a powerful concept in software development as having a single code base makes updates much easier as you only have one code base to modify and maintain.  Toss in a powerful and fluid User Interface control and UWP becomes the technology of choice for software development.

 Users can be confident that the software they are downloading from the Microsoft App Store is safe and can't harm their system as every app runs in its own walled garden. Updates are managed automatically by the store so you can always have the latest version.  Installation is easy, as you click once and everything is installed, and if you do decide to uninstall an app it is easy and the app is completely removed from your system so your system stays lean and clean.  Purchases and such are managed by Microsoft, so you never have to worry about unknown third parties having access to your payment information.

Recent Apps

Winner Winner

Easiest and fastest way to let people enter and win prizes. Everyone carries of wears an electronic device with Bluetooth, so let that be their entry into your raffles and door prizes. No more hassles with list, paper or tickets, as with Winner Winner you can quickly and easily have people enter your draws anywhere. Just have them put their Bluetooth device into discovery mode and Winner Winner will discover and enter them and even randomly select the winners. Want to limit the entries to only certain types of devices, no problem as Winner Winner can filter devices to only those you want. Winner Winner has addition features and controls will make your contests even easier and more successful.




Weather Barometer

Use the barometer within your Windows Phone to predict the weather based on pressure and pressure trends just like our rugged and self-reliant forefathers and fore-mothers did before the age of satellite weather images and online weather forecasts.