About Us

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How this started

I wrote my first program in 1977 using FORTAN IV on punch cards on a CDC 172 computer at the University of Calgary and discovered that software is a great way to package and share expertise with others. This clicked as as I have had a lifelong passion for learning new things, so combined with software I now had a way to share what I learn with others which gave my learning real purpose and value. This is what keeps software developers interested in building software, as every project is different and requires learning of new things. Over the years I have been given the oppertunity to acqure expertice in many areas, including Reservoir Simulation, Gas Pipeline Simulation, Compressor Station Design and Operation, Pipeline Nominations, Banking and Morgages, Golf Course Booking and Operations, Internet Security, EMS Patient Care, Joint Venture Billing and the list goes on. Its is a passion for learning that enables and keeps me writing software.

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Love What You Do

After being involved in many successful startup companies, I discovered that their focus wasn't necessarily my focus. I love learning and sharing what I learn through writing apps and having people benefit from and enjoying using my apps. I enjoyed building high performance teams, designing kick butt products and hearing from and learning from my users and continuously focusing on building better apps. I simply enjoyed the journey far more then the destination, so I have returned to what I love, building apps for people to use without the Survior Game mentality of doing Startups.

What I Do

Build apps, using my experience which spans programing on punch cards to augmented reality devices and a number of successful startup companies and industry awards along the way. Now I just want to get back to doing what I love, learning, designing and building apps for users.


I trained for and became a software developer because I love learning and building topic and domain expertise in many areas that I can share with others through my apps.

Software Development

Battle hardened and proven with years of experience designing and developing successful commercial software products that are in use around the world.

UX Design

Software that does what you want, in a way that you want it and using Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform means I can put it on the devices you want.

Award Winning

Microsoft MVP Award winners for 14 consecutive years for contributions to the technical community.

Customer Support

Two way partnership with my users to build apps that work.


I love to share what I learn and you can find me presenting at User Groups, publishing articles, and answering questions online in a number of forums.