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There is no substitute for expertise as software is more then just expert software development, its a way to package and share topic and domain knowledge with others.

Windows Apps

With the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP) I can write the right app for the right device from small Internet of Things (IoT) devices, to Desktops, Surfaces, Phones and even futuristic devices like the Hololens


I appreciate my users and think of them as being more like family, so I do my very best to listen and solve their problems, and love I feedback, comments or suggestions on how to make my apps even better.

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Having my Apps on the Microsoft App Store means they have passed Microsoft's rigorous standards and tests for functionality, quality and security.

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Recent Work

The journey to build a thousand apps always begins with a couple apps, may I proudly present


Winner Winner

Easiest and fastest way to let people enter and win prizes. Everyone carries of wears an electronic device with Bluetooth, so let that be their entry into your raffles and door prizes. No more hassles with list, paper or tickets, as with Winner Winner you can quickly and easily have people enter your draws anywhere. Just have them put their Bluetooth device into discovery mode and Winner Winner will discover and enter them and even randomly select the winners. Want to limit the entries to only certain types of devices, no problem as Winner Winner can filter devices to only those you want. Winner Winner has addition features and controls will make your contests even easier and more successful.




Weather Barometer

Use the barometer within your Windows Phone to predict the weather based on pressure and pressure trends just like our rugged and self-reliant forefathers and fore-mothers did before the age of satellite weather images and online weather forecasts.


What Others Say

If you like my apps, please let other people know about them. If you don't like them, please let me know why so I can make them better.

“Very good application, well designed and good looking. Thanks to dev”

Thierry, France

“Simple app that just works as promised!.”

John, United States

“The first Version works fine, but the new one from today (23.11.2016) crashes immediately on my 950 XL after Start... But I like it anyway, this is what "app" means to me, simple, intuitive and practical! Hope You will fix it in Time. Greetings from Duesseldorf/Germany, EDIT: +++New/Updated Version V. now works fine without any problems, I found fast support & kind contact to developer+++ Would give 6 Stars if possible”

Volker, Germany

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