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There is no substitute for expertise as software is more then just expert software development, its a way to package and share our subject expertise with others.

Windows Apps

With the  Windows 10 platform we can write the right app for the right device from small Internet of Things (IoT) devices, to Desktops, Surfaces, Phones and even futuristic devices like the Hololens


We love our users and think of them as being more like family, so we do our very best to listen and solve their problems, and love feedback, comments or suggestions on how to make our apps even better.

Download our Apps from the Microsoft App Store.

Having our Apps on the Microsoft App Store means they have passed Microsoft's rigorous standards and tests for functionality, quality and security.

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Recent Work

The journey to build a thousand apps always begins with the first app, may we proudly present


Weather Barometer


What We Do

Build apps, using our experience which spans programing on punch cards to augmented reality devices with a number of successful startup companies and industry awards along the way. Now we just want to get back to doing what we really love, building apps for users.


We trained and became programmers because we love learning and building topic and domain expertise in many areas that we can share with others through our apps.

Software Development

Battle hardened and proven with years of experience developing successful commercial software products that are in use around the world.

UX Design

Software that does what you want, in a way that you want it and using Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform means we can put it on the devices you want.

Award Winning

Microsoft MVP Award winners for 13 consecutive years for contributions to the technical community

Customer Support

Two way partnership with our users to build apps that work.


We love to share what we learn.

Recently From The Blog

We try to keep things fresh and relevant.

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Dec 5th

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Nov 3rd

How does your phone know to use Metric or Imperial units

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And now for something completely different - How to Generate App Ideas

Oct. 23rd

User Group presentation to the Calgary .Net User Group on generating ideas for Apps