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Easy and intuitive web cam/image viewer for your Windows Mobile device that allows users to create and manage their own collections of web cams and images. Display four images or expand any one to full screen mode with options for fill, aspect or full size image viewing and saving images to device desktop. Easy selection of images with a smooth, reactive and informative interface with user configuration for auto refresh times and optional random image cycling. Collections and images sharable via built in email support. Sample collection of over a 1,100 web cams and informative images to get you started.


  • Create and manage your own collections of webcams and web images
  • Auto refresh and cycling of images
  • Multiple or single image full screen display
  • Save image to device desktop
  • Sample collection included containing over 1,100 webcams and web images

An example of one way that I use WebPeekaBoo for Vacation Planning




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